How to Reset Vizio Soundbar

Vizio Soundbar is a leading soundbar in the market. It offers a brilliant price to performance ratio and delivers a strikingly good audio output. And with such a great soundbar at hand, most people would start playing with the settings.

How to Reset Vizio Soundbar

They might want to change the bass effect, frequency bands, audio balance, etc. And while you play with these settings, often one or another option will go bizarre and put you in a fix. You would want to know how to reset the Vizio soundbar at those times.

Steps to Reset Your Vizio Soundbar

Many people reset the Vizio soundbar to go back to the default services quickly. At times, it is profitable to mismatch the settings and get the lousy audio output accidentally. The actual process to reset the Vizio sound bar is nothing but the combination of its buttons and pressing them simultaneously.

So, here’s the entire process.

  1. For factory resetting the Vizio soundbar, you need to locate the volume down button and Bluetooth options in the soundbar
  2. You should find the buttons right at the front part of the device. The Bluetooth button sits in the middle, while the volume down button is right beside the Bluetooth button.
  3. Once you have located the buttons, press and hold them simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  4. It should complete the reset process successfully to allow you to go back to the default factory settings.

You should also see three flashes of the 12 LED lights as a sign of factory resetting confirmation. If it doesn’t light up, your factory reset might have been unsuccessful. So, try pressing down the two buttons at the same time once again.

When you correctly reset the soundbar, all of your previous settings will be erased. You will have to adjust the preferences such as audio output, bass effect, and Bluetooth remote control from scratch.

Troubleshooting Vizio Soundbar Common Problems

While we talk about the factory reset options, let’s quickly take a look at some common problems of this incredible soundbar and ways to troubleshoot them.

Soundbar Not Turning On

You might get scared when you see your soundbar not turning on when necessary. If it happens, opt for those ways.

  • Press the power on a switch located at the front of the device. Alternatively, you can press down the power on button in the remote control.
  • If the soundbar doesn’t power on even with the switch’s pressing, check the power cord connection. A loose power cord is often the reason for the device not switching on properly.
  • If the device still doesn’t turn on, try connecting another device with the power outlet. If it works well, then the soundbar might have a technical problem.

Soundbar Making Buzzing or Humming Noise

Sometimes, you might hear humming or buzzing sound from the soundbar instead of the expected crystal clear audio. You can solve the problem with the following tricks:

  • The wires and cables need to be connected correctly. Loose cables are often the cause of such an annoying sound output.
  • If the buzzing sound persists even when you connect the device with another source device, such as a TV or audio player, the problem is with the audio device.
  • Finally, try another different input setting in the soundbar to connect it with the existing device.

Final Words

So, this is all possible details about how to reset your Vizio soundbar. It only takes 5 seconds and should not be an issue for you. But always and cautiously be aware of the fact that it will erase all your previously set preferences and settings.

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