How to Reset Samsung Soundbar

If you have a small to medium room and want crisp and enhanced audio output, using a soundbar will be a wonderful and remarkable option for you. While TV speakers offer an audio output in one direction, the soundbar generates audio in all directions.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar

In this regard, the Samsung soundbar enjoys unbeatable popularity among homeowners. However, even such a high-quality soundbar isn’t free of problems. Luckily, you can solve most of these minor issues with the Samsung soundbar reset process.

Why Should You Reset Samsung Soundbar

Honestly speaking, there are multiple reasons for which you would want to perform a Samsung soundbar reset process. Some common reasons for factory resetting include –

  • You will have to go to the default setting when you are in trouble to connect your Samsung soundbar and TV properly.
  • If you have connected the soundbar with multiple devices such as TV, smartphone, and gaming console, you must reset it. It will allow you to optimize the soundbar better with one device if need be.
  • At times you will experience minor problems with the soundbar. Most people will consider purchasing a new one or repairing it. It can be costly. Instead, you can quickly fix these minor issues with the simple factory reset.

Steps to Reset Your Samsung Soundbar

Many people think that resetting the Samsung soundbar is a complicated process. So, they fear it. The reality is far from it.

In reality, the entire resetting process will be completed in less than one minute. Also, it is as easy as you might expect or more manageable than your expectation.

  1. Turn on the soundbar by pressing the switch on button. It should be at the front of the device. Also, you can use the remote control for it.
  2. Then hold the power button either on the remote control or soundbar control panel with a gentle press.
  3. You will have to press down the power button until you see the ‘INIT OK’ message on the display panel.
  4. Don’t have a display panel on the Samsung soundbar? Don’t worry. You should see the LED light with red blinking once the factory reset is successfully completed.

It will take less than 10 seconds. Once you have reset the Samsung soundbar, you need to connect it with the devices and balance the preferences.

Alternatives to Reset Samsung Soundbar

A quick factory reset is definitely the easiest way to solve most minor soundbar issues, including connectivity issues. But you will lose all the preferred settings once you perform the reset. So, you might opt for an alternative way.

Indeed, you can consider fixing some other related issues to connectivity. First of you should know that the Bluetooth connectivity on which the Samsung soundbar runs has its limitations. Sometimes, it might stop working, and you need to fix it.

For this, you will have to reboot the soundbar and all of its connected devices such as subwoofer, TV, smartphone, or gaming consoles. If the connectivity problem still remains, try connecting the soundbar with another new device. It will allow you to know whether the problem is with the soundbar or the connected device.

Sometimes, due to the same frequency setting of multiple devices with the Samsung soundbar, it might showcase connectivity problems. So, it is suggested to remove the devices with the soundbar frequency from its range.

If all this troubleshooting fails, you must choose the factory reset as a final option.


These detailed steps on how to reset Samsung soundbar should work fine for most models. Yet, we recommend you to read the user manual to avoid any emergencies. Nonetheless, if the actual problem persists even after the factory resetting, try consulting Samsung customer care.

Also, you can visit the online forum to know the details on Samsung soundbar troubleshooting.

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