How to Reset LG Soundbar

LG soundbar is an excellent audio output device. If you aren’t satisfied with your TV set’s default speakers, mounting the LG soundbar will be your best option. It will bring a true to life audio experience to your TV room and offer you an outstanding thrill.

How to Reset LG Soundbar

However, when problems arise, you might have to consider resetting your soundbar. Knowing how to reset a soundbar will help you in this cause. These default settings will allow you to fix the soundbar’s minor issues instead of calling for customer care help.

Steps to Reset LG Soundbar

The actual resetting process for the LG soundbar is different from other soundbars. While other devices can be reset with either the soundbar control panel or remote control buttons, the LG soundbar will require both.

The soundbar’s hard reset will need a simultaneous use of the remote control and control panel buttons.

  1. The remote control has a sound effect button. Find it and remember its location correctly.
  2. After that, find the volume down button. It should be at the front control panel on the soundbar.
  3. You will have to press down both the sound effect and volume down buttons at the same time.
  4. The actual timing to hold and press the buttons isn’t fixed or mentioned in the guidebook. So, it is suggested that you press the buttons till you see the reset screen’s appearance with the confirmation lighting or sound.

When and Why Should You Reset Your Soundbar

In most cases, the soundbar faces problems with connectivity. The LG soundbars are no exception to it. At times, you will find an improper connection of the soundbar with the TV. It happens mostly when you connect multiple devices with the soundbar.

When you connect the audio device with several source devices, the settings might conflict with each other. Then, a factory reset will quickly fix the issue. Also, you have to consider the resetting for a proper pairing between the soundbar and TV.

Most people are awe-struck when they see their soundbar not working correctly. They almost evidently think that the audio device has become damaged, and they have to consult LG customer care for troubleshooting.

But in most cases, you won’t have to go through such a painful and lengthy process. Instead, a simple LG soundbar Bluetooth reset trick will work fine for you.

Final Words

The guideline on how to reset the LG soundbar is easy and after the confirmation, you should try connecting the soundbar with the TV or other devices to enhance the audio experience.

Even if the connectivity or other problems regarding the soundbar remains after the reset, you should consult customer care.

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