How to Control Soundbar with TV Remote

When you use a soundbar with the TV to enhance the audio effect, you will get two remote for it. You get one remote for the TV, and another for the soundbar. It can be hectic and hassle to keep track of both remotes constantly.

Hence, it is better to control the soundbar with the TV remote. It allows you to control the settings of your TV and soundbar simultaneously without any hassle. But do you know how to control soundbar with TV remote?

Most people will answer it with a BIG NO.

Control Soundbar With TV Remote

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to control the soundbar with the TV remote. Also, these controlling options will vary slightly depending on the TV brands. We will include a discussion on the overall controlling options at first. Then, we will discuss the control options for different brands.

How do You Control Your Soundbar with the TV Remote

Although many people initially think that connecting and control the soundbar with a TV remote is difficult, the actuality is far from it. Cinephiles and audiophiles would find these methods beneficial. You will have to know that controlling the soundbar with the TV remote starts with the proper connection setup of the two devices.

Finding the HDMI ARC or Optical Connection

ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. It lets you exchange the audio from the TV to the soundbar for one of a kind listening experience. Some TV and soundbar will have optical cable connection instead of HDMI ARC connections. It is also a great alternative.

We will discuss both methods to connect the TV and soundbar so you can control both of them with the same remote. You will have to see at the back or side of the TV and soundbar to find the input and output connections for the optical cable or HDMI ARC.

It should be relatively easy as both TV and soundbar will come with written directions for these connecting points. The soundbar will receive the HDMI OUT port and the TV will receive the HDMI IN port for connectivity.

For optical cable, the output port will connect the TV and input port inside the soundbar.

Connecting the TV and soundbar

Once you have located the HDMI ARC or optical cable port in both the TV and soundbar, it is time to find the right cable. It won’t have to be a burden on you since all soundbar will come with the right cable for a secure connection between the devices.

Also, if you have an old HDMI cable, it will still work fine as long as it HDMI 2.0 standard at least. So, whether you have the HDMI ARC, HDMI, or even the optical cable, it shouldn’t bother you much about the connectivity.

For the HDMI cable, you can easily insert it inside the port making sure the input and output ports are directly correctly. If you have an optical cable, you will find a small plastic cap on it. You will have to remove it before inserting it into the port.

Also, when you insert the cable, you should hear a click sound when connected properly.

Switching on the soundbar and TV

So, you have connected the TV with the soundbar using the provided cable connection. Now, it is time to test if the connection has been set properly or not. Since you still haven’t connected both devices with the TV remote, you will have to turn on the devices using their respective remotes.

Alternatively, you can find and press down the on/off switch to switch on the devices.

Testing the connections

You will have to test the success of the TV and soundbar connection. Sometimes, there might be some problems regarding connectivity. If you experience such problems, the following troubleshoot ideas would benefit you.

HDMI ARC connection:

The HDMI ARC will make the TV and soundbar connection simple. Also, if the connection is successful, you will immediately hear the sound coming from the soundbar through the TV.

But what if you can’t hear the sound from the soundbar? Well, it might be mainly due to TV settings. So, access the TV audio settings and turn off the TV speaker from the options there. You would find the settings under the ‘TV Speaker’ title or something similar to it.

You will also find the HDMI option in the same settings. Turn the HDMI audio option on so that your TV route the audio to the soundbar using the HDMI cable.

Optical cable connection:

These days, some smart TV automatically detects the optical cable connection and changes its audio output from the TV speaker to the soundbar quickly. If it happens on your TV, you won’t have to do anything additionally.

But if it doesn’t happen then you will have to switch off the TV speaker and channel the route to the soundbar through the optical cable. It will be similar to the steps we mentioned in the HDMI ARC connection.

Optimizing the Sound

A soundbar will come with multiple audio settings. Therefore, you will have to adjust and optimize the sound using the soundbar remote. You should select the audio output range, fix the bass and other ranges depending on the soundbar options.

The idea is simple- the audio should feel good at your ears. That’s it!

Controlling the Soundbar With TV Remote by Brands

Once you established the connection between your TV and soundbar, you would want to control both of them with the same remote, preferably with the TV remote. The actual control will vary slightly from one brand to another such as Samsung, Vizio, LG, etc. soundbar and TV brands.

So, let’s check the controlling options for these popular brands.

Control Samsung Soundbar

Whether you have used the optical cable or HDMI ARC to connect the TV with the soundbar, you need to change the soundbar setting to be able to control it with the TV remote. You must select the ‘D.IN’ option for the soundbar source for audio control.

You will also have to activate or deactivate the potential Samsung TV auto power link. You will have to press the left direction on the remote pad for it. Then change the output settings on the TV to control the soundbar with the remote.

For the HDMI ARC connections, the TV should auto-detect the soundbar and let you control it with the TV remote. This way you can quickly control Samsung soundbar with the TV remote.

Control Vizio Soundbar

The main steps to connect and control the Vizio soundbar with the TV remote almost remain the same as mentioned above. The only difference comes with the naming of the input and output ports. For instance, HDMI ARC ports will be called HMDI 1 and optical cable connection ports will be called ‘S/PDIF’.

If the TV doesn’t recognize the soundbar and routes the sound automatically, you will have to do it manually. For this, use the Vizio remote to find the CEC option from the actual System settings. Finally, check a tick on the ARC Only or Enabled options depending on your soundbar necessity.

You can follow the same way to control Vizio soundbar with Samsung TV remote.

Control Sony Soundbar

Sony soundbar and TVs are connectable with each other using the HDMI, HDMI ARC, or standard optical cable. All the instructions will remain the same as we mentioned in the five steps earlier. You will have to activate the ‘Audio System’ for all the TV and soundbar setups.

Note that, Sony support page declares that you can’t control volume and power interlock with the TV remote. So, be aware of it.

Control Panasonic TV and Soundbar

Likewise, in all TV brands, you can use the optical cable or HDMI ARC to connect the TV and soundbar. For the HDMI connection, you will have to locate the HDMI2 or (ARC) connections in the back of the Panasonic TV.

Panasonic TV comes with an app that will allow you to switch between the default TV speaker or soundbar at ease. For the optical cable connection, use the TV remote to set the audio output through ‘Optical’ to control both devices with the same remote.

Control HITACHI TV and Soundbar

Hitachi is famous for bringing high-quality TV with a cheap price tag. The controlling options for the soundbar with the Hitachi TV remote remain the same as we described in the instructions above. But you will have to find a different setting for it.

  • Open the TV settings
  • Locate the Audio Preference from the Audio settings
  • You will have to select the Auto DTS mode from the standard Audio Mode.
  • The Auto Detect must be set at the S/PDIF option for the TV remote controlling option.

Control Soundbar with Roku TV Remote

Roku TV and its related streaming service are some of the most popular content watching service for users. The connection and control of the soundbar will differ from the Roku smart TV to the Roku box slightly.

We will describe both ways. But, let’s start with theRoku TV remote control for the soundbar.

  • Once you have switched on your TV, access the Roku interface, and choose the Settings from the main Home menu.
  • Select the Audio Mode from the Audio Preference settings under the main Audio settings.
  • Then tick the Auto (DTS) mode there.
  • Return to the main audio menu and access the S/PDIF option.
  • The S/PDIF has to be fixed at auto detect alternative.
  • From the audio menu, access the ARC and set it at Auto-Detect
  • Finally, access the CEC and tick the box at HDMI (ARC).

Final Words

You should have a clear idea of how to control soundbar with TV remote. The process is straightforward and doesn’t require more than a few minutes. Al, you have to do is to connect the soundbar with the TV using HDMI ARC or optical cable.

Then, you have to enable the control settings from the TV settings for the soundbar. It will lessen your workload of using two separate remotes for the TV and soundbar. Thus, it will benefit the audiophiles and cinephiles immensely.

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