Best TracFone Phones Reviews in 2021

Best TracFone Smartphone
Best TracFone Smartphone

These days, there are a lot of smartphone options out there that will allow you to surf the web, take pictures, play video games, and of course, make phone calls. While there are options out there for the major providers, purchasing a prepaid phone is very convenient, which is why TracFone is such a viable option for many users.

The best TracFone models are often on par with the models offered by the major providers. In this guide, I’m going to highlight some of the best smartphone options out there for TracFone so that you can be in the know.

TracFone is a great option for just about anybody, and they have a wide selection of handsets that really can make your talking, surfing, app usage, and texting much easier and convenient – all without a dedicated contract.

For a quick look, here is my list of The Best TracFone Phones:

  1. Best TracFone Smartphone Overall – Samsung Galaxy A10e
  2. Best TracFone Camera Phone – Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Smartphone
  3. Best Budget TracFone Smartphone – LG Rebel 4 with Prepaid Bundle
  4. Best TracFone for Seniors – Alcatel MyFlip Prepaid Flip Phone
  5. Best Android TracFone – LG Stylo 5 4G LTE Smartphone

Best TracFone Phones (Smartphone, iPhone, Flip Phone) Reviews

1. Best TracFone Smartphone Overall – Samsung Galaxy A10e

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A10e Prepaid Smartphone

Color: Black | Screen Size: 5.83 in | Item Dimensions: 7.25 x 1.65 x 10.25 in | Item Weight: 14.4 ounces

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A10e Features Overview:

The first TracFone review that I am going to dive into in this guide is the Samsung Galaxy A10e. This is a great option that was launched in June 2019 as an updated model of the Samsung Galaxy A10, but it is designed to give users a more user-friendly experience.

Let’s take a look at what makes this TracFone a great option for you to consider.

This TracFone is designed with a 5.83-inch screen that is large enough to see, no matter where you are. The resolution, which is 1560 x 720, is quite impressive, so whether you are taking pictures or watching videos, the definition and the clarity of the display will be exceptional.

In addition, since seeing the screen in natural light can be more difficult than it would be with indoor lighting, the display on this phone will become brighter when you are outdoors.

Since many of us tend to have multiple applications open on our phones at once, you are going to need to have a phone that is not going to bog down or freeze when too many resources are being used at once. That being said, this phone has a 1.6GHz Octa-Core processor and 2GB of RAM to ensure that you have the resources that you need for a great user experience.

This phone, which comes with Android 9 Pie, is perfectly capable of multitasking and providing you with fast browsing speeds.

When it comes to the storage capacity of this phone, you will find that it is actually quite impressive when compared to other phones of this type. In total, the phone has 32GB of space, so once the 5GB operating system is installed on the device, you will still have ample space for applications, pictures, music, and other files that you may need to store on your phone.

With both a front and a back camera on this phone, you will have plenty of options for taking pictures and videos whenever you like. The front camera is slightly less impressive because it has a 5-megapixel design, while the back has an 8-megapixel design.

Both cameras have great features like creative filters and a flash to give you the best lighting possible. There is even a pro mode that allows you to customize the photo settings as well as a sports mode that makes capturing moving images easy.

The video quality that you can get with this camera is great as well; in fact, you can get a frame rate of up to 30fps with this phone’s camera. In addition, if you see a great shot while videoing, you can easily capture still images and save them as well.

This phone comes with a 3000mAh battery that will provide you with quite a bit of life before it needs to be recharged. If you only talk on the phone, it should last over 24 hours, but if you use it heavily with gaming or streaming applications, it will still last for more than six hours.

Very easy to install and use.
Memory is expandable up to 512GB with a microSD card.
Infinity display that goes edge-to-edge.

The Front-Facing Camera is not impressive.

2. Best TracFone Camera Phone – Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Smartphone

TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Prepaid Smartphone

Color: Black | Screen Size: 5.5 in | Item Dimensions: 0.34 x 3 x 6.03 in | Item Weight: 6.4 ounces

TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Features Overview:

If you are looking for a Samsung phone to use with a TracFone service, then the next phone that I am going to review, which is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown, is a great option for you.

With a 5.5-inch HD screen display, you will find that this phone is great for both streaming videos and seeing articles on your phone with ease. The resolution is really impressive, which ensures that your screen images are always vibrant and clear.

When you are outdoors in the sun, the screen will adjust the brightness automatically so that you can see it with ease. In fact, when the lighting is dimmer, the screen will dim as well to accommodate your needs.

If you are looking for a phone that is capable of multi-tasking, then the 1.56GHz Octa-Core processor and the 2 GB of RAM that comes with the phone will keep your applications running as they should. The phone comes with Android 8.0 Oreo, which means that it is will be reliable and responsive when you need it to be.

This TracFone also comes with 16 GB of internal memory space, which should be able to store quite a bit. However, if you need more space, there is even an option to expand the storage space up to 400 GB using micro SD memory card.

Since the operating system and the pre-installed applications on the phone only take up about half of the internal memory, you will still have 8GB of space for pictures, music, and videos that you record.

There are two cameras on this phone that are capable of producing great pictures. The 13MP Front Facing Camera, which is also known as the selfie camera, but it has the option of creating wider pictures to fit more of your friends into the selfie.

The back camera, which is the way that you will most likely take pictures of your surroundings, is also capable of 13MP images that are exceptional when compared to most other phones in this price range. In addition, the videos that you take with this camera are 1080p, which will give you a high definition playback that is both crisp and vivid.

This is a phone that comes with a 3300mAh battery, so it will last quite a while for most. Heavy phone usage will cause the battery to fade more quickly, but it will still last the majority of the day.

In addition, there is a battery saving mode that is available on this phone that will reduce the brightness of the screen and the amount of processing power that the phone is using. With that being said, if you are worried about your phone dying, this mode can help you maintain power for several more hours.

The images on this phone are crisp and clear.
The battery can maintain a charge for quite a while.
The camera on this phone is rather impressive.

The volume on this phone is not the loudest.
The charger has difficulties connecting sometimes.

3. Best Budget TracFone Smartphone – LG Rebel 4 with Prepaid Bundle

Tracfone LG Rebel 4 Prepaid Smartphone

Color: Black | Screen Size: 5 in | Item Dimensions: 7.25 x 10 x 1.65 in | Item Weight: 12.8 ounces

TracFone LG Rebel 4 Features Overview:

With an impressive display, the capability to be used on 4G LTE networks, the LG Rebel 4 stands out as one of the best TracFone smartphone options for just about anyone. It even has a high level of ergonomics that makes it very easy to hold.

For those that are used to the larger sizing of the modern flagship phones, this product, with its 5-inch touch screen is a great alternative. The display is also an IPS screen, which means that the color is very vivid, and you’ll be able to see what’s on the screen from more angles.

Its maximum resolution is 1280 x 720, which means that this is a true high-definition phone; it’s perfect for anyone that wants to watch a little Netflix from time to time. This is also a good screen resolution for some light gaming.

Overall, this product has a very versatile level of performance. It has a strong processor with quad-core functionality, which also has a clock speed of 1.4Ghz, and it even has two gigabytes worth of RAM.

As a result, you can play some fairly high-quality games on the LG Rebel 4, and if you’re planning on recording a lot of videos, you should be able to have a stutter-free experience as you film. Also, with the quad-core specs, computational speed should be relatively crisp so that you can have more than a few apps running in the background.

The TracFone LG Rebel 4 Android prepaid smartphone comes with 16GB of storage space; of this, about 10GB is usable. The product also has a microSD card slot that can accommodate cards up to 32GB, which is very impressive for anyone that plans on extensive video or app storage.

Like most of the phones that I have reviewed thus far, the front has a 5MP camera, while the back 8MP camera is much more impressive. There is also a flash and a face detection mode that can improve the quality of the images that you take.

If you like to record videos with your phone, videos will be taken in full HD at 30 frames per second. This means that the video playback will be high quality without any hiccups in the video or the audio.

This phone comes with 2600mAh battery. Compare to other products though it shows low but still you will enjoy up to 16 hours of talk time with this capacity.

The memory on the phone can be upgraded to provide you with more space.
The screen is quite large, making it great for watching videos.

The screen resolution could be higher on this phone.

4. Best TracFone for Seniors – Alcatel MyFlip Prepaid Flip Phone

Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip Prepaid Flip Phone

Color: Black | Screen Size: 2.8 in | Item Dimensions: 7.25 x 1.65 x 10.25 in | Item Weight: 21.12 ounces

Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip Features Overview:

Alcatel is one of the phone brands that is oftentimes unjustly overlooked, but you’ll find that they often have some great handset options for a relatively cheap price. This product, the Alcatel MyFlip Flip Phone, has some fairly strong features for most casual users. To be the perfect choice for seniors, it comes with big buttons and loud sound. The overall features make it easy to operate for older persons.

Alcatel MyFlip is a flip phone and it has 2.8-inch display screen. While it isn’t as large as some of the flagships, it will also fit much more easily in the hand, and also offers a 320 x 240 pixels resolution.

When it comes to performance specs, the device has a 1GB hard drive, runs Android, which is also known as KitKat. This process runs at an operational frequency of 1.1Ghz and also has a quad-core architecture.

When it comes to storage, the device has 4GB of internal memory – half of which can be used to store apps, pictures, and online downloads. Fortunately, while this sounds a bit on the lower side, you can fully supplement it with a microSD card; currently, 32GB is the maximum.

This means that you’ll be able to use the onboard storage for things like the Android operating system, and you can use your microSD card to store things like your favorite apps as well as your personal pictures and videos.

If you snap a lot of pictures, the 2MP functionality of the camera on this product should be suitable for light photography only. However, this might be good enough for seniors.

When it comes to battery life, this product is very respectable; with its 1,350 mAh Lithium ion battery, you’ll experience 6.5 hours of talk time, and it’ll take about two and a half hours to fully charge.

Compared to some of the major flip phone brands, this is very reasonable, and if you’re using a power block, you should be able to charge this product more than twice if you’re working with a product that has a 6,000 mAh capacity.

This phone fits very well in the hand due to its five-inch sizing.
The processor is quad-core, which is great for computation.
The icons on the screen are larger.

Alcatel is clearly not planning on updating this phone’s firmware.
For whatever reason, it can’t read 64GB microSD cards.

5. Best Android TracFone – LG Stylo 5 4G LTE Smartphone

Tracfone LG Stylo 5 Prepaid Smartphone

Color: Black | Screen Size: 6.2 in | Item Dimensions: 7.25 x 1.65 x 10.25 in | Item Weight: 6.38 Ounces

Tracfone LG Stylo 5 Features Overview:

Are you looking for a TracFone option that has a stylus that makes it easier to manage your applications and play games? If this sounds like you, then the LG Stylo 5 is a great option to consider that is lightweight, easy to operate, and comes with the added security of a fingerprint scanner.

This is a phone that features a 6.2-inch fullVision FHD display, which is actually quite a large screen when compared to other phones in this price range. This larger screen is ideal for art applications and games, so the unit does come with a stylus that can make it easier to create details while you paint.

With a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, this is a great screen for videos and gaming applications, especially if you are looking for high definition displays.

This is a phone that comes with a 1.8GHz octa-core processor as well as 3GB of RAM, which means that slow down when you are using the device will be minimal.

In addition, this phone runs Android 9 Pie, which is a user-friendly operating system that doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn, especially if you are used to older operating systems.

When it comes to storage space on this phone, you will find a full 32GB of storage space on the phone, which is quite a bit for a prepaid option and it also supports Micro SD memory card up to 2TB.

There are two cameras on this phone that you can use; the front option is only a 5MP option, but it is great for selfies. The rear camera is a 13MP camera that has a flash, which helps improve the quality of the images that you take in low light.

Insofar as the battery, this phone comes with a 3500mAh battery that will last you for an entire day. However, if you use the phone for videos, games, or other power draining applications, the battery may deplete more quickly.

This phone supports Micro SD memory card up to 2TB.
This phone has a large display screen.
A stylus is included with this device.

The screen can be difficult to see in direct sunlight.
The speakers are located on the back of the phone, which can make them sound muffled.

What Types of Phones are Available on TracFone Plans?

The company is very useful for anyone looking to have a comparable smartphone that isn’t locked into a service contract. The selection of phones that the company offers means that users will be able to make their calls and texts on handsets by Samsung, LG, and Apple to name a few.

As a result, not only will users have access to the always-in-demand iPhone, but Galaxy phones are also available for a very reasonable price. It’s also very convenient because, in many cases, you can find deals for the handset that you want, and in many situations, the price for the handset is significantly lower than you might find from the big companies.

In addition, top-tier devices from Alcatel and ZTE are also available. The phones on offer also include less expensive options from these same brands like the Galaxy Luna, the LG Stylo, and the ZTE ZFive.

Not everyone appreciates the smartphone touchscreen experience, which is why many will find that the fact that TracFone has flip phones to be very convenient. In my opinion, this is very advantageous for anyone that just wants to use their phone for a phone, and TracFone has plans that can accommodate this lifestyle.

What is a TracFone Phone?

In my experience, many people seeking smartphones disregard the prepaid companies because they feel that the phones on offer aren’t great. This couldn’t be farther from the truth; a company like TracFone actually has a wide variety of excellent phones from LG, Samsung, and other major Android providers.

A TracFone phone is a device that’s typically Android- or iOS-powered, which means that its system usually runs on Google or Apple’s proprietary operating systems. Usually, these phones come with a TracFone bundle that will provide a certain amount of minutes, texts, and data for a preset period of time.

Many of the available plans offer these preset limits in a 60-day period. For this two month period, it’s not uncommon for a plan to provide about 1,000 minutes of talk, 2,000 texts, and about two gigabytes of data.

If this doesn’t suit your usage needs, the company certainly has plans that will take this into account. One of the most attractive features about owning a TracFone is the fact that the company is completely contract-less, so users pay for the price of the new smartphone and simply will add minutes, texts, and data as needed.

What Does TracFone Mean?

TracFone is named the way it is because the company takes extra steps so that you, as the consumer, will be able to keep track of any usage that occurs over a period of time. You’ll be able to instantly access your spent minutes, data, and texts so that you can always be in the know.

Additionally, the company offers unlimited carryover, so if you pay for usage, it’ll always carry over into the next period. This way, if you happen to have used up all of your text allotment, you’ll still be able to keep the unused talk time when you buy another TracFone card.

In my opinion, this basic and convenient system is perfectly in tune with the very name TracFone; you simply purchase a phone and keep track of what you need on a month-to-month basis. Clearly, it’s working out for them; TracFone is the largest prepaid cell phone company in the nation that requires no contract signing.

TracFone is owned by América Móvil, which is the largest telecommunications company in Mexico. Not only does América Móvil own TracFone, but other brands like NET10 Wireless, Straight Talk, Total Wireless, and Telcel America are also owned by the communications giant.

What Type of User is TracFone Good For?

TracFones are great for just about any user, and since they are without contracts, it’s very easy for just about anybody to get one. These phones are also advantageous because of the fact that the phones themselves can be very inexpensive, so if you lose one due to an accident, then you can quickly replace it without having to update your contract.

Do you have family members in Mexico? If so, TracFone offers a Mexican local numbers system; with it, your friends and family that live south of the border can call you on a local Mexican number, which means cheaper local rates.

Also, since these are so cheap and have plans that go as little as 100 minutes of talk, texts, and data per month, these are great options for young and older users alike. Both groups can use these phones as an emergency or periodic form of communication, and it won’t cost a lot of cash.

Additionally, for those just starting out, TracFone is well-known for its lack of surprises. Even the larger providers are known for charging for overages in texts, data, and talk time, but TracFone users never have to worry about this because everything is prepaid, which means no extra costs at the end of the month.

What are the Benefits of Using TracFone?

TracFones are extremely hassle-free. If you need a phone, you can relatively quickly purchase one for much less than you would be able to purchase on from the major subscription-based providers, so if you’ve lost or damaged your current handset, getting a new one would be very quick.

Additionally, refilling your phone with talk time, data, and texts is a very simple process; all you need do is go to a local store like Wall-Mart or Target, and you can usually find cards that will grant you more time. These cards can even be found in places like gas stations.

What Network is TracFone On?

Not only are data connections available on cell phone service providers like AT&T and Verizon, but TracFone can also harness the networks of T-Mobile and Sprint as well. As a result, TracFone users oftentimes find that they have very reliable coverage.

In fact, TracFone advertises this fact by saying that “it keeps up with you” meaning that the handsets can take advantage of nationwide coverage. As a result, you’ll be able to surf reliably without experiencing communications drops, text without any lulls in the conversation, and you’ll be able to talk without the dropped calls that can plague even the largest cell phone providers’ plans.

Is there an Unlimited Plan for TracFone?

While there isn’t an unlimited plan for TracFone, the company does allow for unlimited carryover, which means that unused time, texts, and data will carry over to the next month. Also, there are enough options, insofar as plans, to have a fully customized experience, and with the higher-end options, you should have plenty of leeway during plan periods.

Do TracFone Minutes Ever Expire?

As long as your phone stays active, your minutes, texts, and data will roll over. This is very convenient, and each additional card will extend the end date of your service, and this service end date is clearly stated when you add your minutes.

Typically, without activity, airtime minutes won’t expire for six months for smartphones and 12 months with other types of handsets.

How Many Minutes is a Text on TracFone?

Typically, a text deducts 0.3 minutes from your talk time balance. This value includes both sent and received texts, so it’s important to keep track of texts so that you don’t have problems with losing talk time unexpectedly.

Can You Make International Calls or Texts Using TracFone?

Unfortunately, TracFone is well-known for its lack of support for international texting. With that being said, users are able to receive calls from Mexico via a local Mexican number, and the company has its TracFone International Long Distance plan that allows users to make international calls at a similar rate to calling in-country.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the products that we’ve covered really can help you find a TracFone that really suits your lifestyle.

The products that I selected are all great and feature-rich, but if they don’t suit your sense of style, check out the buyer’s guide that I provided; with it, you’ll be able to have any questions answered about TracFone. You’ll also be able to find a lead on the best TracFone that fits your needs.


    1. I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime on QVC. It’s $139, but comes with an airtime card that costs $135. I also recommend setting up.the service through their website because the customer service is garbage and takes forever.

    2. Actually you’d be better off just going to Walmart and getting on Straight Talk with one of their phones. I’ve been with them since 2015 and extremely satisfied. NO dropped calls, no interruptions, I’ve got unlmtd talk, text, 3gb data for $35./mo. that’s it. no fuss, excellent cust. svc. and I’ve got the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro. The only thing about this phone, my banking app was discontinued for this device so I have to go to Google and log in but aside from that I don’t have the mobile banking app which I can do remote deposits of checks. Which really is not a bother, I have direct deposit on my personal. You also need to understand this phone maxes out at 32Gb storage and I’ve also got a 32Gb SD card, I should’ve gotten a 120 Gb but other than all of that it’s a great phone. I’ve had this particular phone since Nov 2017. so that’s a pretty good record!

  1. The Alcatel phone has not been sold for a couple of years. There are more at Tracfone that are better phones.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy A20e will that work on TracPhone. I have a regular TracPhone since 2004 and am happy with it. Can I cancel a monthly contract whenever I want?

  3. I can’t find an AT&T Tracfone with bundled minutes on either QVC or HSN anymore. Verizon doesn’t work in my zip code of 65066. Any suggestions where to find one? Would really like to get the phone along with the 1500 minutes with it. Thank you.

  4. I have been a Tracfone customer for many years and have been using an old Galaxy Mini-4…. which has served well. I will be buying a new unlocked smartphone shortly but cannot find a listing of all current available UNLOCKED smartphone brands and model numbers that will continue to work AFTER the switch over coming later this year. Can you please direct me to such a listing of UNLOCKED phone that will work currently as well as in the future.

    Thank you very much…..

    Patrick Duncan

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