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Let’s establish one thing: a simple point and click mouse will not cut it in top-tier gaming. Whether you are out to play a round or two in Overwatch, or you are just getting ready to dedicate a full night to playing 3v3 arena in World of Warcraft, you need an optimal gaming mouse to assure your victory.

A good gaming mouse is a totally different beast than a standard mouse; in some situations, there are trigger buttons, mappable and swappable number keys, and sometimes, there are even weighting options. In any situation, if you want that extra edge, you are going to need to find out more about what makes a mouse good for a certain genre of gaming.

While purchasing a competitive mouse may seem a bit extraneous, it’s worth noting that many of the world’s top gamers that have Twitch viewership numbers in the millions use VERY specialized gaming mice. This is because a good mouse for gaming will be more sturdy, more ergonomic, and more supportive for top-level gaming.

Top Pick

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite mostly known for its 16,000 DPI accuracy, which will ensure that you’re playing at your best in just about any genre of game.

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The 5 Top Rated Gaming Mice for the Money

Picks OnBrand & ModelRating
Best OverallRazer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse4.1
Runner Up
  • SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • 4.0
    Best Budget BuyLogitech G502 Proteus RGB Gaming Mouse4.4
    Best FPS MouseCORSAIR M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse4.1
    Best Under 20PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse4.3
    Today, we’re going to show you some of the best gaming mice on the market so that you can have a good understanding of what’s available. Remember, the offerings on the market vary considerably, and there are thousands of mice to choose from, so check our guide so that you can really gain some understanding of the options that are available to you.

    Top 10 Gaming Mice Comparison (Our Favourite Picks)

    Product & Image PriceDPIWeightButtonsRatings
    Razer DeathAdder Elite
    Razer DeathAdder Elite Ergonomic Gaming Mouse(Our Top Pick)
    Check Price16,0004.6 oz74.1/5
    Logitech G502 HERO
    Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Gaming Mouse(Best Budget Pick)
    Check Price16,0004.3 oz114.5/5
    CORSAIR M65 Pro
    CORSAIR M65 Pro FPS Gaming Mouse(Best FPS Mouse)
    Check Price12,0005.9 oz84.1/5
    SteelSeries Rival 650
    SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse(Best RGB Mouse)
    Check Price12,0005.8 oz34.0/5
    Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED
    Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse(Best Wireless Option)
    Check Price12,0003.84 oz113.6/5
    Razer Naga Trinity
    Razer Naga Trinity MOBA Gaming Mouse(Best for MOBAs & MMOs)
    Check Price16,0004.2 oz193.8/5
    UtechSmart Venus
    UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse(Best for MMO)
    Check Price16,4007.5 oz184.3/5
    Logitech G602 Lag-Free
    Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse(Best Under 30)
    Check Price2,5005.9 oz114.1/5
    CORSAIR Scimitar Pro
    CORSAIR Scimitar Pro MMO Gaming Mouse(Best Under 50)
    Check Price16,0004.3 oz123.7/5
    PICTEK Wired
    PICTEK Wired Computer PC Gaming Mouse(Best Under 20)
    Check Price7,2004.8 oz74.4/5


    12 Best Gaming Mouse Reviews

    What type of gamer are you? There’s a wide variety of play styles out there that can get fairly complex since not everyone is into gaming for mind-bending action. For example, real-time strategy (RTS) gamers love gaming mice as much as first-person shooter (FPS) enthusiasts, but the types of mice that they need may differ quite a bit.

    Just like any hobby, the tools that you use are everything in gaming, so it’s worth a little effort to find the best peripherals.

    For this reason, we made this list of some of the best gaming mice on the market so that just about every type of gamer can use it; it doesn’t matter if you’re a social gamer, a raider in an MMO, or a casual MOBA player, we have you covered. We have mice that would work well in role-playing games, sports games, action adventure games, and other gaming environments.

    The list of gaming mice that we’ve selected is exhaustive and presents you with more than 12 of the best gaming mice on the market, so take a look and find the best peripheral for your sessions.


    1. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Most Popular Gaming Mouse

    Most Popular Gaming Mouse - Razer DeathAdder Elite
    Razer DeathAdder Elite

    There’s a reason why the DeathAdder Elite is considered one of the most popular gaming mice on the market. It’s known for its 16,000 DPI accuracy, which will ensure that you’re playing at your best in just about any genre of game.

    In addition to this, this is the mouse for those gamers that play for hours on end; it’s got an ergonomic form factor that actively reduces hand fatigue so that you can game longer and more comfortably. The first thing that you might notice about this product’s shape is how well it will fit most hands; fingers have a concave resting place and the base of the palm falls comfortably at the trailing edge.

    This isn’t really a mouse that is optimized for a MOBA or an MMORPG due to its relatively low button count. With that said, if you need a multi-purpose mouse that’s versatile enough to play these games in addition to shooters, then this is a good option. The buttons are also very responsive and durable; Razer guarantees their operation for 50 million clicks, so if you’re an FPS enthusiast, then this product has the ability to last.

    There are a few reasons for this mouse’s popularity, but one of the most important is its price; this is one of the few mice from Razer that falls at such a low price point, and as a result, it’s very accessible. As a Razer Chroma product, this mouse can display 16.8 million colors, so for those looking for a unique look, this may be your gaming mouse.

    If this product looks somewhat familiar, it’s because it’s the updated version of Razer’s DeathAdder Chroma, which was one of the first gaming mice from the company to feature the LED lighting features. This mouse is well known for its accuracy; in fact, its 10,000 DPI sensor still provides top-notch accuracy in most modern games despite the Elite having a higher overall DPI.

    The Chroma is also able to track the Z-axis to a fairly small scale (1mm), which means that gamers that lift their mouse to disable sensing will have options. The mouse wheel on the Chroma is also slightly different than the Elite; the surface is flatter, but it has a texture that provides a lot of grip and control, which is useful when cycling through items in-game.

    If you’ve ever played on a glass tabletop, you know that not every mouse can recognize this type of surface. Fortunately, for both the DeathAdder Elite and the DeathAdder Chroma, just about any surface can be used as a gaming surface.

    It has seven fully programmable buttons that are also very versatile, and when it comes to aesthetics, this may be one of the most attractive mice out there for those that like a sleeker design that’s not cluttered with angles.

    Overall, the DeathAdder Elite brings quite a few advantages to the table and considering that it’s only a few dollars more than the Chroma, it’s definitely a worthy purchase for most gamers.


    2. SteelSeries Rival 650 – Best RGB Gaming Mouse

    Runner Up

    SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    SteelSeries Rival 650 is perfect for gamers that like to play a wide array of games from time to time.

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    Gaming mice are known for their RGB lighting schemes, and while Razer was one of the most famous companies that featured RGB tech, many companies like SteelSeries have created products that have really revolutionized this technology. The SteelSeries Rival 600 and 650 gaming mice have a lot going for them when it comes to gaming, but their multi-zone RGB technology makes them stand out in terms of visuals.

    Both of these products have eight-zone RGB lighting, so your gaming sessions will have some truly cool-looking colors. Additionally, the color output is application-customizable, so you can have different color schemes while you play the Witcher than the color schemes that you use when you’re just playing a rated battleground in WoW.

    In addition to the exclusive and impressive lighting combinations, both of these mice shine in other regards as well. First, both use the TrueMove 3+ technology for sensing, and as a result, these mice both have a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 CPI, which is counts per inch. The CPI of a mouse is used to determine the number of steps that the mouse reports when it moves a single inch, which is just another way to figure out the sensitivity of the peripheral.

    Another similarity between the two SteelSeries Rival products is that both have seven mappable buttons to play around with. This is a fairly useful amount of buttons to have in most genres of game, and it helps cement this product as a competitive gaming mouse.

    That being said, what’s the difference between the two? Here’s a breakdown:

    Best RGB Gaming Mouse - SteelSeries Rival 600
    SteelSeries Rival 600

    For the 600 version of the product, you can adjust the weight in a wide variety of ways, which can really help your gaming performance. In fact, SteelSeries says there are 256 potential weight configurations available with this product – you simply have to remove the two side panels and remove or add the number of weights that you need for your gaming style.

    Liftoff is also very important for a lot of gamers because it lets them control the sensitivity of the mouse so that they can readjust to gaming situations. This product has a depth perception sensor in addition to the TrueMove 3+ sensor that more accurately tracks when you lift off the mouse pad or table surface.

    When it comes to the Rival 650, it has many of these features as well, but what sets it apart from the cheaper variation is its ARM processor and its unique charging tech. Its useful ARM processor will actually allow the mouse to save your CPI settings, which is perfect for gamers that like to play a wide array of games from time to time. For example, if you play Widow in Overwatch primarily, the mouse can remember the sniper-friendly CPI settings you need to win, but will also instantly change settings so that you can have faster play in another game.

    Additionally, charging is also very convenient. Like some phones, the Rival 650 has quick-charge capability, and you’ll only need about 15 minutes of charge time for 10 hours of gameplay. This is very convenient, especially when you’re out playing with friends or when you’re between matches at a LAN party or tournament when your battery levels become too low to play.


    3. Logitech G502 Proteus – Best DPI Gaming Mouse with Programmable Buttons

    Budget Pick

    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse

    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum has a 12,000 DPI level of functionality, and you can even adjust the balance and the weight by using five 3.6-gram weights

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    If you need high sensitivity because you play some fast-paced shooters like Overwatch, Quake Champions, or Warface, then you don’t want to cut corners. This product, which is manufactured by the mouse gurus at Logitech, is a great peripheral for speed freaks. This particular model has a 12,000 DPI level of functionality, and you can even adjust the balance and the weight by using five 3.6-gram weights. This is also a mouse that has more than enough in-game customizability; it has 11 buttons at different points throughout its body, which are fully programmable.

    Ergonomics are also a major consideration in the design of this mouse. The two main mouse buttons are overlarge, and the butt of the mouse is very supportive for the palm. There is a thumb rest along the left edge of the mouse, and all of the buttons are well-positioned for easy accessibility. With such well-thought-out ergonomic design, you should have no issue playing this game for hours on end, which most dedicated gamers do anyway.

    For those that don’t know, this is the latest iteration of the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, which had five DPI settings that ranged from 200 to 12,000 DPI. The Spectrum is a bit more responsive than the previous version, but for the average gamer, the Core definitely can work very well, especially considering that it has the same 11-button programmable layout as the Spectrum.

    The Proteus series also comes equipped with ARM processors so that you can easily control the onboard memory of these peripherals. As a result, the mouse can seamlessly adjust the DPI performance between games so that you don’t have to adjust each time you change titles.

    The software that comes with the Spectrum is also very useful; you can adjust the colors so that they sync with the games you play, and you can even set them so that they work in tandem with other Logitech gaming peripherals.

    As mentioned, this is one ergonomic series of mice, but when it comes to aesthetics, the Proteus series of mice look very attractive. Logitech definitely went for a modular design with these mice, but they were also sure to keep the mouse as ergonomic as possible, so design took a backseat to comfort in this model.

    Best DPI High Performance Gaming Mouse - Logitech G502 HERO
    Logitech G502 HERO

    You are probably thinking that 12,000 DPI is a similar sensitivity to other products that we have covered here, but this is where the Proteus series differs: there’s another, more sensitive version that many gamers will find attractive. The Logitech Hero uses some very impressive technology to boost the sensitivity performance of the Proteus mouse up to 16,000 DPI. The mouse uses the HERO sensor for this, and as a result, this version of the Proteus series is the most responsive in Logitech’s entire catalog of mice.

    In addition to this, the Hero also has mechanical switch button tensioning so that your buttons spring back quicker for faster rates of fire. These switches also provide a good amount of feedback for a more responsive feeling while you play, which can be important for any genre of gaming.


    4. CORSAIR M65 Pro – Best FPS Gaming Mouse Under 50 Dollar

    Best FPS Mouse

    CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

    If you love a good first-person shooter, then CORSAIR M65 Pro mouse may just become your favorite peripheral

    Check Price on Amazon

    Corsair is kind of killing it right now in the gaming industry – they have an excellent variety of gaming-friendly PC components that range from some truly excellent motherboards to the gaming mouse that we are featuring here. If you love a good first-person shooter, then this mouse may just become your favorite peripheral; it’s virtually designed for an FPS enthusiast, and it has features that work well for most roles a player might have in games like Overwatch and CSGO.

    When you first check this mouse out, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has something of an otherworldly design – it kind of looks like a spaceship. Its design is also very segmented, which feels unique and comfortable under the hand. Corsair opted to manufacture this product out of aircraft grade aluminum, which means that this is a very lightweight and durable mouse that you can take on the road with you when you attend tourneys.

    Don’t let the light weight fool you though; this product has an advanced weighting system that lets you quickly change out weights. The three slots for the weights are on the bottom of the mouse, and Corsair provides you with more than a few options. This is also a mouse that glides very well; the pads at its base are designed to virtually slide over any surface with minimum friction. To help increase this versatility, the sensor at the base of the mouse uses an adaptive technology to optimize the sensitivity of the mouse, no matter what the surface.

    The maximum DPI of this product is 12,000, which means that this is a good mouse for players that need quick acceleration and speed. It’s this tracking technology that makes this a great option in just about any shooter, but where many mice falter are their functionality for players that need a little more slow precision, and that’s where this product shines. When you need to snipe out a member of the enemy team, you can press the crosshair-marked sniper button, which will lower the DPI significantly so that you can line up that kill shot. Once you release this unique button, the mouse will automatically return to the preset high DPI setting that you had before you pressed it.

    Like many of the top-tier mice that are out there on the market today, this product has a customizable LED lighting experience. With this product, however, there are actually three zones that can display a wealth of unique colors, which makes this feel like a very customizable product when it comes to aesthetics. In addition to this, this is also a product that’s available in two colors: black and white, so you can select which one best fits your sense of style.

    In addition to the sniper button, this product also has another seven fully programmable buttons, so for those that branch out into other gaming types like MOBAs and MMOs, this Corsair product can work well in those genres as well.

    Getting to know more technical specification of M65 Pro and Corsair® replace policy, have a look at this User Guide [pdf] and Warranty [pdf]


    5. PICTEK 7 Buttons – Best Wired Gaming Mouse Under 20 Dollar

    Best Under $20

    PICTEK 7 Buttons Wired Gaming Mouse

    PICTEK 7 Buttons is a mouse that is very accurate and responsive and the design is very similar to many high-end mice that you may see on the market.

    Check Price on Amazon

    This next mouse is a great budget-friendly option that you can consider. It can be purchased for less than $20, and it is a great option that has a lot of the features that a gamer needs. In fact, this is the cheapest gaming mouse in this guide, so if you are looking for a low budget option, this is a great one.

    The ergonomics of this mouse are great, but if you have larger hands, you may have a harder time resting your entire palm on the mouse comfortably.

    The design of this mouse is very similar to many high-end mice that you may see on the market. It has a seven button design that is very customizable; there are two buttons on the side panel that make it easy to perform actions quickly. The buttons feel great under your fingers, and the scroll wheel is also very responsive.

    This is a mouse that is very accurate and responsive, which is important for any gamer, but especially individuals who play games that require quick movement and response time. It has a 7,200 DPI, which will help you cursor move without lagging as you play. The DPI can be adjusted if you need more consistency in your gameplay as well. In fact, there are five different settings that you can choose from, and the settings can be adjusted using the buttons behind the mouse wheel. You can also adjust the polling rate of the mouse, which can change the click speed and the scrolling speed of the mouse.

    The Pictek 7 Buttons, which is an older version of this mouse, is also a popular option amongst gamers, especially those who like customizability. The form factor on this mouse is a little more bulky, but the main draw is the RGB lighting that is available on the Pictek. In total, there are 16 million backlight options that you can choose from to give the mouse a unique look.

    At the default lighting option on this mouse, you will find that the different color options that you can choose from represent different levels of DPI. This allows you to quickly glance at your mouse to determine whether it needs to be adjusted before you begin your gaming session. Red represents a DPI of 1,200, blue represents a DPI of 2,400, green represents a DPI of 3,500, purple represents a DPI of 5,500, and yellow represents a DPI of 7,200.


    6. Logitech Lightspeed G903 – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

    In the past, there was a lot of heated conversation about wireless mice and how they would affect the latency of action-oriented gameplay. While it was a concern that was legitimate due to the fact that communication could be slowed between the mouse and the computer, wireless mice in modern times have virtually eliminated that weakness. As a result, Logitech, which is already a major contender in the mouse world, created the G series of wireless mice, which brings wireless functionality into the modern era of gaming.

    So, how do these products stand out from the rest of the gaming mice on the market? First, you’ll notice that they all use Lightspeed Wireless Charging. This is technology that uses Logitech’s Powerplay gaming system to both wirelessly charge your mouse and improve the wireless connection so that there’s reduced mouse-to-PC latency. As a result, all three of these products have a 1 ms report rate, which is fast enough for competitive, tournament-level gameplay.

    Now that you understand some of the underlying tech, let’s take a look at each of these products in a more in-depth manner:

    Best Wireless Gaming Mice - Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED
    Logitech G903 Lightspeed

    The first thing that you will notice about the G903 mouse is its unique shape; Logitech’s designers really went all out when they came up with the design for this product. It has an almost sports car style design to it, which also helps the mouse perform more aerodynamically and ergonomically. It has venting throughout its design, which actually adds to the feeling of comfort when you use it. Along the sides, there’s a rubberized surface, which looks very futuristic and also feels great on the thumbs as you move the mouse to and fro.

    This is the most premium version of the G series of gaming mice, and as a result, this product has the most buttons. In total, the G903 has 11 fully programmable buttons to map to your favorite abilities and macros. Like the other two products in the series, the LEDs that are featured throughout the mouse are configurable and can produce about 16.8 million color combinations that allow you to fully customize the look of your mouse.

    Best Wireless Gaming Mouse - Logitech G703 Lightspeed
    Logitech G703 Lightspeed

    The mid-tier product, the G703, features six programmable buttons and has the same sensor as the G903, which is the PMW3366 that allows for a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 DPI. The overall feel of this mouse, on the other hand, is much different – it has a very smooth shaping that has less of the right angles that you’d find in the other product, and as a result, some may find this product more comfortable to use.

    This is also a very lightweight alternative, which some gamers prefer, but if you like a weightier experience, there are removable weights included in the base of the mouse.

    Best Wireless Gaming Mouse - Logitech G603 Lightspeed
    Logitech G603 Lightspeed

    The final product in this series is the G603, which is by far the most economical for those on a budget. It doesn’t have the premium sensor that the other two variants have, but for those that are into light gaming, this is a great option to consider. This mouse also has a six-button configuration, which is perfect for most shooters. While these are not quite as responsive as the advanced tensioning buttons featured in the other mice, they have excellent feedback and speed.


    7. Razer Naga Trinity – Best Mouse for MOBAs and MMOs

    Best Gaming Mouse for MOBAs - Razer Naga Trinity
    Razer Naga Trinity

    Razer is the manufacturer of several of the best optical sensor gaming mice on the market, but the Naga Trinity is one that really stands out when you are searching the market for a good gaming mouse, especially for individuals who play a number of different games on the computer.

    With three different side plates on the mouse, you will find a comfortable configuration for any MOBA, MMO, and even more casual games. When you are ready to switch games, the side plate can easily be swapped out for one that is compatible with the next game that you are going to play. You can even swap the panels out during gameplay, and the software will recognize which one you are using right away.

    The first side plate has a simple two-button design that is great for games where you only need one or two buttons at your fingertips. There is also a grippy surface under the buttons that will help you keep your grip when you need to move the mouse quickly. The second side panel is one that features a hex layout; it has a grip in the middle and a circular set of seven buttons. This is a great option for games like League of Legends because the buttons are easy to find and can be configured to fit your playstyle.

    The third option that you can select from for your side panel is the 12 button layout, which is great for MMOs and games that require a lot of key presses such as WoW. In total, there are 19 programmable buttons on this mouse, which can make gaming a much easier feat. Any key that you assign can be saved to a preset so that it is available anytime that you want to play the game.

    This mouse is built to optimize your gameplay, so it is designed with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor that will ensure that you can move when you need to, especially in the heat of battle. This mouse is also designed to be ergonomic because gamers can use the mouse for several hours at a time. To ensure that you are comfortable while gaming, the mouse has a right-handed form factor that can help decrease the amount of hand fatigue that you may experience during long gaming sessions. There is even enough space for you to rest your ring finger on the mouse as you play, which will help reduce hand fatigue during long gaming sessions.

    The Razer Naga Trinity also sports mechanical buttons that will remain durable through all of your gaming sessions. In fact, the mouse is designed to last up to 50 million clicks, so you will get quite a bit of fun out of this mouse. If you are looking for more customizability, there are more than 16 million different color options available for the backlighting of this mouse, so you will easily be able to customize the mouse to match your gaming rig. In fact, you can even change the color of certain buttons so that it is easier to find them when you need to use them in low lighting.


    8. Logitech G602 – Best Budget Gaming Mouse

    Best Budget Gaming Mouse - Logitech G602 Lag-Free
    Logitech G602 Lag-Free

    The Logitech G602 is a truly one of the best budget gaming mice that you can consider; it has a number of features that are great for most computer games, and it is available for purchase at a very reasonable price point.

    To start, there are two modes that you can use on this mouse. The first one, which is called performance mode, is designed for hardcore gaming, and it allows this durable wireless model to function for up to over 250 hours of play before the battery becomes too low to play. If you are not planning on gaming, the mouse can be switched into endurance mode, where it can last an amazing 1440 hours before it needs to be recharged.

    Most wireless gaming mice do not last a quarter of that time, so this is a great find if you prefer a wireless setup. There is a button on the top of the mouse that allows you to easily switch from one mode to the other; in fact, you can even make the switch while you are using the mouse.

    The mouse takes two AA batteries, so you can easily have a few on hand in case your batteries die during your gaming session. If the batteries do become low when you are not expecting it, there is a battery indicator that will notify you so that you can change it whenever you have some downtime in the game. This will help prevent your mouse from dying altogether, which could be problematic if it occurs at an intense moment of the game.

    When it comes to the buttons on this mouse, there are 11 that can be customized to accommodate your gaming needs. Once the buttons are set, you can even set profiles for them so that you never lose your settings. This mouse tends to work best with gamers who use a palm grip because of its design, but the surface of the mouse makes it easy to use, no matter which type of grip you prefer.

    This mouse is designed with a Delta Zero sensor that is said to be one of the most accurate sensors on the market, which means that you will be able to control your cursor easily. It also works on multiple surface types, so regardless of the type of desk you are playing on, your mouse will be responsive. If you need more control, you will find that there are five DPI settings that you can choose from so that your mouse movements track at a reasonable speed for more precise targeting. The lag free performance offered by this mouse makes it easier to perfect your game.


    9. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro – Highest DPI MMO Gaming Mouse

    Best MMO Gaming Mouse - CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB
    CORSAIR Scimitar Pro

    One of the best MMO gaming mice on the market today is the Corsair Scimitar Pro. It has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor that is ideal for accuracy and responsiveness, so whether you are enjoying an FPS or an MMO, you will be able to attack with accuracy. Regardless of the mousepad that you use while gaming, every action that you make with the mouse will be seen on the monitor as well.

    There are 12 programmable, mechanical buttons on the side of the mouse that can be adjusted to fit your gaming style. Once the buttons are moved to where you need them to be, you can lock them in place so that they will always be where you need them to be when you are ready to play. The key positions can be changed to put them in reach for your playstyle, and they are even textured so that you can easily find the one that you need to press without looking at the mouse.

    Each of these buttons can be set to a different use in the game, so if you need quick access to a move or you need to make a macro for a string of moves that you frequently do, you will be able to set them. These settings can be saved as well, so if you take your mouse on the road, you can use it in another gaming rig if you need. In fact, there are three profiles where you can save settings, so if you play multiple MMOs, then this may be a great option for you.

    If this mouse looks familiar to you, there was a prior version, the Corsair Gaming Scimitar RGB, that looked extremely similar in style and shape. The main difference between these two models is that the prior version only has a 12,000 DPI sensor that may make the accuracy of the mouse a bit lower, but it is hardly noticeable in most games.

    Another great feature of this mouse is the lighting effects that you can enable and customize to make your mouse your own. Each of the four zones on the mouse can be adjusted to have a different lighting setup, so if you want to have each section of the mouse a different color, you have that as an option. This mouse is also compatible with Cue, which means that you can use the software to program lighting, macros, and more.


    10. SteelSeries Rival 710 – Best Mouse with Vibrations & Accuracy

    Best Gaming Mouse with Vibrations - SteelSeries Rival 710
    SteelSeries Rival 710

    Do you like to feel your mouse vibrate when something happens in the game that you need to be aware of? Do you like to feel when your character’s life drops below a certain point? If so, then the SteelSeries Rival 710 is a great option to consider. There are also vibration alerts that you can set to send you discord notifications or let you know that your cooldowns are up again and ready to be used.

    The mouse has a total of seven programmable buttons that can be useful during gameplay, and if you are looking for accuracy in a mouse, then this one is designed with TrueMove3 technology, which is designed to give you pinpoint accuracy. The buttons can easily be programmed while you are playing the game, and if you need to switch profiles, it will only take one button press. With 16,000 CPI, you will experience true tracking when you use the mouse that will ensure that your mouse movements are mirrored on the monitor.

    This is a very customizable mouse; you can switch the color of the LED lighting. In fact, there are 16.8 million options to choose from, which allows you to customize your mouse to fit your style. You can also swap out the sensor in the base of the mouse, the cable, and the cover of the mouse, so if you need more reach or you prefer a different texture on your mouse cover, you can adjust them to fit your gaming needs. You will even be able to change the intensity of the vibrations so that you can easily decipher what each vibration means when it happens.

    The ergonomic design of this mouse is fantastic, especially for anyone who has smaller hands. In fact, the side of the mouse has a rubber grip that makes it easy to keep your hands in place on the mouse.

    If the 60 million clicks of this mouse do not fit your gaming style, then you may prefer the SteelSeries Rival 700, which is an older model of this mouse that is still in production. It has a lot of the same features as the Rival 710, but it has a different ergonomic design that you may find more comfortable during gameplay.


    11. Razer Lancehead – Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

    Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse - Razer Lancehead
    Razer Lancehead

    One of the top ambidextrous gaming mice that you can find on the market is one that was created from Razer. It is a wireless model that is designed to hold battery life for up to 24 hours of play, so you should be able to enjoy your gaming sessions without charge the batteries midway through a dungeon or a battle.

    Since you will need to keep track of the dongle, Razer built space into the bottom of the mouse where it can be stored when it is not in use. If you prefer to use a wired mouse, then the older version of this Razer, the Razer Ouroboros Elite, is still a popular gaming option that you can purchase. It only has an 8,200 DPI sensor, but that is more than enough for most games.

    Since this is a mouse that is designed for both right and left-handed gamers, there is a forward and a back button on both sides of the mouse. Both sides are symmetrical so that everyone will have the same experience using this mouse, and the size of the mouse is just right for most individuals with average-sized hands.

    Though there are not a lot of programmable buttons on this mouse, the ones that are available feel great to use, and the scroll wheel also works well, though it does lack the infinite scroll feature that some other gaming mice have. There is an onboard memory function that you can use to save your settings, but for added protection, they can also be saved on the cloud.

    This is a very ergonomic mouse, but you will find that most of its weight is in the front of the mouse, which can be very comfortable for a gamer. The sides of the mouse are rubber, which makes it easier to grip, especially if you need to adjust your mouse positioning quickly. This durable mouse is designed to last for up to 50,000 clicks, so you will get quite a bit of gaming out of the Razer Lancehead.

    The laser sensor on this mouse is 16,000 DPI, so it is going to be an extremely accurate model to use for any game, but especially for a first-person shooter. Insofar as design, if you are looking for some color, this is an option that has RBG lighting, and if you have other Razer gear, you can adjust the lighting to match. In addition to the customizable color options, you can also consider purchasing the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition, which is available in three different colors. The color options that you can choose from when you purchase this mouse include quartz, mercury, and black, and with the backlighting options, they will all look really great on your gaming rig.


    12. UtechSmart Venus – Best Computer Gaming Mouse

    Best Computer Gaming Mouse Under $50 - UtechSmart Venus
    UtechSmart Venus

    If you are looking for a gaming mouse under $50, then the UtechSmart Venus is a great option to consider. To start, the construction of this mouse is very ergonomic. It is a right-handed mouse that has a thumb rest and a ring finger rest so that your hand does not get fatigued while gaming. The surface of the mouse is a rubber surface that provides grip so that your hand can easily stay in place on the mouse.

    The mouse is also designed to be durable, so the first part of the mouse that was built to last was the six-foot long cable that is braided so that it never frays, even after years of use. In addition to that, the USB connector was built with gold plating so that it stands up to the tests of time.

    One of the features that stands out, especially in the dark, is the 16 million LED options that you can use to customize your mouse. There is software that you can use to create the perfect backlighting for the entire mouse or for specific buttons so that you can easily find the keys that you are looking for, or you can simply disable the lighting options when they become too bright.

    In addition to the color of the mouse, this software, which has instructions in multiple languages, can also be used to program the buttons on the mouse. On the top of the mouse, you will see two arrow buttons; these adjust the DPI and can conveniently be used as you play. There is also a trigger button on the top of the mouse that you can use to fire at an enemy in a first-person shooter or use a defensive attack in an MMO.

    If you like programmable buttons, then you will love the 12 that can be found on the side of this mouse. These buttons can be set to any action that you may want to take in a game, which can include jumping, casting a spell, mounting, or a button to press to use a chat function in the game. There are five different profiles that you can save, so if you frequently play more than one game, you can have your keys ready to go in no time when you switch games.

    Under the mouse, you will find an antiskid design that allows you to use the mouse with ease on any surface. There are even sliders on the base of the mouse that you can use to adjust how easily the mouse slides along the mousepad. In addition, this is a weighted mouse, so there are eight 2.4 gram weights in the base of this mouse that can be removed or added when you want to adjust the weight. This can help you make your gaming sessions more comfortable, especially if you are used to a mouse with a different weight.


    Most Accurate Gaming Mouse for Different Games

    As mentioned, there aren’t many one-size-fits-all solutions for different genres of games, so if you want to succeed in your gaming endeavors, you may want to look into specific types of mice. For example, in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, you might want numerous on-demand buttons for using pots, health stones, or casting spells, but all of these extra buttons might get in the way in a game like Fortnite.

    Additionally, different designs are more useful for longer gaming sessions, and sometimes, you might even prefer a wireless option for your gaming when you’re at a LAN party. In any situation, in this section, we’re going to select four different games that are iconic in their genre and hit on what kinds of mice would work best for them.

    Best Gaming Mouse for CSGO

    For those that don’t know, the Counterstrike series has been running for the better part of two decades, and its fans are among the most fervent in the gaming community. When you take a look at the top tournament winners in this gaming series, one thing stands out: they have some of the best peripherals available.

    There’s a good reason for this; out of all the games that are popular today, CSGO is definitely one that takes split-second reflexes and requires the use of every millisecond of gameplay. As a result, a good mouse for this game will need responsive buttons that provide a good degree of feedback and accuracy. In fact, your mouse buttons should even have switches so that they click back in a short span of time. This will let you fire consecutively faster as well as move and jump in time to avoid disaster.

    Additionally, a good sensor is absolutely essential in a good gaming mouse for this type of game. The sensor will accurately track when you move your mouse in relation to the underlying surface and help translate that movement so that your character in the game moves. The last thing you need in a team-based shooter like Counterstrike is to be hampered by poor reaction times, which is why many of the gamers that prefer Counterstrike prefer a product that has a top-notch sensor. Whether you pick an optical or laser sensor will be up to you, and this is actually a major debate in the gaming community, but in any situation, try to find the sensor that responds best to your playstyle.

    Finally, when you’re trying to be accurate and outperform the enemy team in a game like Global Offensive, you should have a well-balanced and relatively lightweight mouse. This will allow you to move quickly without becoming fatigued as you play. Additionally, a good balance will help your aim, which can come in handy if you’re a sniper.

    Best Gaming Mouse for Overwatch

    Like CSGO, Overwatch is a First-Person Shooter, but unlike CSGO, this shooter is one that is even more fast-paced. For instance, there are several melee fighters that require you to master closing distances to do massive damage, and there are even larger tank-like bruisers that absorb damage like sponges but require a bit of know-how to maximize performance. As a result, a good gaming mouse with responsive buttons, good sensitivity, and a lightweight form factor is absolutely crucial.

    When you’re playing a game like this, which is team-based and has a lot of corridors and tight spaces to navigate, you need a mouse that’s highly sensitive. This is because 180-degree turns are part and parcel of the Overwatch experience, and slow turning can mean a quick death. Each character from the game has his or her unique play style, so finding a one-size-fits-all solution can be tough. That being said, most players that play this game shoot for a smaller, more lightweight mouse so that their hands don’t feel uncomfortable and restricted.

    Also, for this reason, you may want to test how each mouse fits in your hand; we all have different-sized mitts, so a mouse that might fit like a glove for someone with larger hands might just have buttons that are harder to reach for other players. Needless to say, this would be a suboptimal situation, which is why taking in precise gaming mouse measurements can be useful.

    If you’re playing Widow, who is a sniper character, it’s a good idea to use a mouse that has responsive side buttons that will allow you to crouch and make yourself a smaller target. One of the most common ways for a Widow player to die is being sniped by another Widow player, so a good mouse with good control is crucial.

    Best Gaming Mouse League of Legends

    Unlike the first two games, a MOBA like League of Legends requires more buttons to balance the abilities that your heroes use while he or she is laning. In this kind of game, accuracy is still king, but you may not need as much speed or the same split-second reactions as you might in an FPS, and as a result, you can have a more weighted mouse for a more solid-feeling gaming experience.

    If you’re going to be playing League of Legends as an eSport, you’ll want a high polling rate, which is the rate in which the mouse informs the PC of where it is in comparison to the surface. This makes sure that the actions being represented by your hero are accurate. In a game like League of Legends, sudden deaths might mean that the enemy team will have the manpower to take your base, and that means that you could be letting your team down by not moving quickly to safety, so polling rate is very important.

    While the average League of Legends game might only last for 20 to 45 minutes, many players tend to play for hours on end in order to increase their ranking in the game. For this reason, you’ll need an ergonomic mouse because repetitive stress injuries are a real issue in the MOBA gaming world. The mouse you purchase should fully support your wrist, and it should have buttons that won’t cause issues with your pointer fingers.

    Finally, if you’re going to MOBA like a champ, then you will want more buttons that are mappable. In most situations, a traditional gaming mouse might have two or three extra buttons, but a MOBA mouse, on the other hand, may have as many as 12 buttons that can be bound to abilities as they become available in the game. Also, a good League of Legends mouse will have a key wheel, which makes finding the right button for the job much easier because of the fact that the buttons are organized in a touch-friendly wheel.

    Best Mouse for WoW

    When you’re playing Blizzard’s MMO behemoth, World of Warcraft, you’ll have a wide variety of gaming options that will allow you to play the game in multiple ways. For example, as you play, you can be a raider, a PVPer, a pet battle enthusiast, or a mythic+ dungeoneer. In any situation, you might find that your mouse experience will vary significantly based on your playstyle.

    As an MMORPG, World of Warcraft has several classes that all have dozens of abilities, so how you play a raiding hunter is just going to be a completely different than how you would play a PVPing discipline priest. For this reason, a bit of versatility in your gaming mouse is going to be very useful. The best MMO gaming mouse is going to have as many, if not more, buttons than a MOBA mouse due to the sheer amount of buttons that you’ll need to truly master the character that you’re playing.

    That being said, unless you are pvping, you might not need to have an extremely high accuracy level or the ability to make quick switches on the buttons on your mouse. This is due to the fact that MMO gaming in PVE situations requires that you navigate through pre-scripted dungeon events, so there’s less to surprise you as you play. For this reason, some WoW players opt to use the best wireless gaming mouse models and even might use mice with higher weights for a feeling of solidity while they play.

    While we mentioned the use of a key wheel in MOBA games, in MMOs like WoW, you’re typically going to want a mouse that has a number pad on the side. This pad will give you quick, on-demand access to the majority of your spellbook, and since many of the models incorporate 12 keys that are stacked neatly on the side, you shouldn’t have issues finding the right spell or macro, even in PVP combat.

    What You Need to Know Before Selecting Your Mouse

    Gaming Mouse Buying GuideBefore you select your next model of a gaming mouse, it’s a good idea to really know the ins and outs of the product type. Not every gaming mouse is created equally, and even industry titans like Razer and Corsair don’t have completely spotless records. In addition to this, one mouse might just excel in certain areas but falter in others, which can really muddy the waters for some gamers. In this section of our guide, we’re going to show you a few things that you should know before you make a purchase.

    First, a good mouse should come with good customization software. Sure, the in-game keybinding options are usually pretty robust in modern-day gaming, but when you use dedicated software, you are presented with more options. It also means that you always have your setting saved, so if you play the game on another system, your settings will be available to use when you use your mouse. For example, with a good software package from the manufacturer, you’ll be able to create advanced macro programs for your specific games.

    Also, with mice that have LED lighting, you can customize the lighting performance. A good example of this would be in WoW; with the right customization software, when you play your shaman, your mouse could light up a deep blue, which is the shaman color scheme. Your warlock could be assigned to purple, and your death knight could be assigned to red. This would help you differentiate between the classes that you play with a mere glance.

    Also, looking for a mouse with customizable weighting is also very useful. Some gamers prefer a more solid feeling when they play, and adding weights can increase this feeling of stability. Additionally, for gamers that prefer a faster play style, removing these optional weights can help them feel like they are playing more fast-paced.

    Finally, you might find a mouse with tweakable paneling to be useful as well. These mice will allow you to quickly change the buttons on the side so that you can have a more MOBA-friendly or shooter-friendly experience while you play.

    Different Types of Mouse Grips

    No matter which type of gamer you are, you are going to need to consider the different types of mouse grips that you play with because your hand is going to differ in size from everyone else’s hand. This means that a mouse that is comfortable for your friend is not necessarily going to be comfortable for you. The three most common types of grips that gamers chose are:

    • Palm Grip: This is a variation where you can easily rest your entire hand on the mouse while you play.
    • Claw Grip: This is a type of grip that is very similar to a palm grip, but your hand rests in a higher position so that your fingers can arch backward a bit to click the mouse with the tips of your fingers.
    • Fingertip Grip: With this grip, your hand will hover over the mouse, and only the tips of your fingers will interact with the device.

    Gaming Mouse Terminology

    • Programmable Buttons: A mouse can have anywhere from two buttons to about 15 buttons, each of which can be set to do something during gameplay. Typically, you can set the buttons to certain actions in game, but some mice have separate software that can be used to create presets as well.
    • DPI and Sensitivity: DPI translates to dots per inch, which is a term that is used to measure the sensitivity of your mouse. The higher the DPI is, the faster the cursor will move across the screen. With that being said, as a gamer, you are going to want to adjust the DPI to your gameplay so that mouse movements are not overly sensitive. If you are using a large monitor, a higher DPI will allow you to move the mouse across the screen with smaller movements that stay within the mousepad.
    • Optical Mouse: An optical mouse is designed to utilize an LED (light-emitting diode) to project light on the surface under the mouse. This beam reflects off of the surface and bounces into the sensor, which creates images as data to be sent to the computer so that the images can be converted into movement on the monitor.
    • Laser Mouse: A laser mouse is a variation of an optical mouse that is designed to use a laser to determine the movements that are being made by the mouse. If you are looking for accuracy, then this is a great type of mouse to consider.
    • Mechanical Mouse: This is a type of mouse that was seen a lot during the 1990s. The mouse is designed with a rubber or metal ball that is positioned in the underside of the mouse. It is easy to move, but when dust and debris get into the space around the ball, it can become unresponsive.
    • Trackball Mouse: This is a type of mouse that has a ball somewhere on the mouse that you can move with your hand as you use the mouse. It requires a unique style of play, so it is not often a type of mouse that is considered for hardcore gaming. It is best for puzzle games that have a bit less action.
    • Mouse Sensor: A mouse sensor is the part of the mouse that senses how you are moving the mouse and communicates with the rest of the computer to move the cursor on the screen in the same way.
    • Mouse Acceleration: Mouse acceleration is a setting that allows you to adjust how quickly the cursor moves across your screen. Positive mouse acceleration means that the cursor is going to move more quickly than you are moving the mouse, while negative mouse acceleration is the exact opposite.
    • Mouse Smoothing: This is when your computer tries to predict where you intend to move your mouse so that the complete motion is smoother. This is typically not a function that you want for a gaming mouse because you want the mouse to track your actual movements, not predict them.
    • Customization/Weight: Some gamers like to customize their mouse, and one of the most common customizations that you will encounter is a weighted mouse. This makes the mouse heavier, and more difficult to move, so it may not be for every gamer, but it also creates more friction, so you will have an easier time hitting your target without overshooting it. In the end, the weight of your mouse is going to depend on your playstyle.
    • Liftoff Range/Distance: This is the distance that you can move your mouse off of the mousepad before it stops working. In most cases, a gamer is going to want a low liftoff range because you may need to move your mouse as you are playing, and you do not want your game to respond to these movements when you are simply repositioning your hand.
    • Right-Handed vs Left-Handed: There is a market for both left-handed and right-handed mice, but many left-handed individuals opt to use a right-handed mouse because there are more models to choose from. Some people opt to use their non-dominant hand for their mouse because that frees up their other hand for eating, taking phone calls, and using the numpad while gaming. If you are planning on using both hands, you can also opt for an ambidextrous mouse instead of deciding on one or the other.
    • Razer Synapse: This is software that can be used by individuals who own a Razer mouse or keyboard. It allows you to bind keys and assign macros to buttons easily. In fact, you can even save your settings to the cloud so that they are always available during your gaming sessions.

    FAQs: About Gaming Mouse


    Q-1: Is a wireless mouse better than a wired mouse for gaming?

    • Gamers use both wired and wireless mice; both are great options, but the one that you choose will often depend on your play style and the length of your gaming sessions. A wired mouse may cause a lot of clutter, especially if you are gaming on a laptop, but you will also need to consider that a wireless mouse may not have the connectivity that you need at all times. In addition, they will need batteries to function, so if you game for hours at a time, you may find that your batteries will not last through many gaming sessions.

    Q-2: Do additional buttons make a difference for gaming?

    • Additional buttons can make a big difference when you are playing a game, especially if it is one that requires you to react quickly or press multiple buttons in a row without skipping a beat. In fact, in some games, you can create something called a macro that allows you to string commands together and bind them to a single button. If this is a macro that you will use a lot during gameplay, having it at the tip of your fingers could be the difference between winning or losing a fight against an opponent. Extra buttons on your mouse can also be great if you need to use a quick heal, a mount, or a dispel that may be needed to help keep your group alive.

    Q-3: Are ergonomics important for a gaming mouse?

    • Absolutely! If you use a mouse that does not fit the shape of your hand for several hours a day, it is likely that you will start to feel uncomfortable while you are playing. In addition, without proper support, your fingers and wrists can get a repetitive strain injury, and in some cases, this can even lead to carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and arthritis. Since you are going to be constantly clicking buttons while playing most games, the muscles in your hand can become fatigue quickly, especially without proper ergonomic support.

    Q-4: How long should a good gaming mouse last?

    • In all honesty, the amount of time that your mouse will last is going to vary based on how much you game and how hard you are on the mouse during your gaming sessions. A casual gamer is likely to get a longer lifespan from a mouse than a hardcore gamer because they are not going to be pushing the mouse to the limits. In general, a good gaming mouse should last about two years.

    Q-5: Why should you get an RBG mouse?

    • When you pay for an RBG mouse, you are effectively paying for the backlighting on the mouse. RBG stands for red, blue, green, and these are often the color options that you can choose between for this type of mouse. This is not a required feature for gaming, but if you play in the dark, it can be a great tool to light up your gaming area.

    Final Thoughts

    Finding the right gaming mouse is something of a rite of passage for a dedicated gamer, so take your time to really find the right product for your gaming needs. The list of products that we have provided has been obsessively pored over by our specialists, and each of the products offers something unique for gamers that want to become true competitors. If you are more of a casual gamer, these mice have great features that you will enjoy as well.

    In addition, our guide is designed to provide benefits for beginners, intermediate gamers, and pros alike, so review this section so that you are fully aware of everything that you need to know about gaming mice before you make a purchase. In any situation, we hope that you find the ideal peripheral that will serve as the best gaming mouse for your gaming.

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